Why Choose Granite Financial Group?


“At Granite Financial you receive the benefit of decades of experience, knowledge and expertise.  Our focus is the financial planning process that provides a solid foundation for a secure future. We work with clients across Canada to establish and implement their unique plan, ensuring an essential part of their life is well taken care of for years to come.”
“Business succession planning means the orderly transfer of a business to either an outside successor or from one generation to another in a manner that meets the needs of the owner. This type of planning involves understanding. ”
“With a group RRSP, eligible employees can have RRSP contributions deducted from each pay period. Direct contribution from payroll automatically reduces income tax for the employees.”

Doug Lochhead

President, Granite Financial Group Inc.



“Planning your financial future is one of the most important things you can do with your life. Every successful aspect of your life requires planning, whether it is planning a weekend, or planning a year long home improvement project.”

Richard Lochhead

Associate Financial Advisor, Granite Financial Group Inc.



“Tax planning plays a significant role in the wealth of every Canadian. It is important to understand which tax planning strategies are relevant for you in order to determine how to best structure your wealth plan.”

Daniela Ignat

Vice President & Financial Advisor, Granite Financial Group Inc.



“A goal without a financial plan is just a wish. Develop a plan for it and it can be a reality.”

Alaina Leduc

Financial Advisor, Granite Financial Group Inc.